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 The Thorns of Sin

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The Thorns of Sin Empty
PostSubject: The Thorns of Sin   The Thorns of Sin Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2007 12:41 pm

The Thorns of Sin

Evil people's lives are like paths covered with thorns and traps.
Proverbs 22:5

The fruit of sin is thorns -- spiny, prickly, cutting thorns.

I emphasize the "point" of the thorns to suggest a point you may have never considered: If the fruit of sin is thorns , isn't the thorny crown on Christ's brow a picture of the fruit of our sin that pierced his heart?

What is the fruit of sin? Step into the briar patch of humanity and feel a few thistles. Shame. Fear. Disgrace. Discouragement. Anxiety, Haven't our hearts been caught in these brambles?

The heart of Jesus, however, had not. He had never been cut by the thorns of sin. What you and I face daily, he never knew. Anxiety? He never worried! Guilt? He was never guilty! Fear? He never left the presence of God. Jesus never knew the fruits of sin . . until he became sin for us.

Max Lucado
He Chose The Nails
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The Thorns of Sin
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