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 Cleaning House

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PostSubject: Cleaning House   Cleaning House Icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2007 1:35 pm

Cleaning House
Dear Lord Jesus:
Cleaning House Pismo
As I go about my housework
Let me see each job I do,
As a service for my King
And a way of loving You.
Cleaning House WashingsmileyCleaning House HangoutthewashingCleaning House CollectthelinenCleaning House Ironing
Let me wash away my judgments
Of others right or wrong,
As I wash up the dishes
Place within my heart a song.
Cleaning House Washingdishesphotobucket
As I clean up little fingerprints
And lots of muddy shoes,
May I remember how you cleaned the feet
Of the loved ones you did choose.
Cleaning House Vacuumcleaner
As I mend up torn pajamas
And sew a button on,
Show me where I need to mend a breech
That's gone on far too long.
Cleaning House Toknit
Let me tidy up my thoughts
As I tidy up the toys,
Let me sweep away my fears
Like the dirt from little boys.
Cleaning House Sweepfloorsmiley
May I be just as quick with my forgiveness
As I am with mop and broom,
Sweeping up the clutter
In my heart and living room.
Cleaning House Washfloor
May I rinse out pride and ego
As I rinse the bathtub out,
And while we are at it Lord
Let's take care of anger, hate and doubt.
Cleaning House Stroke
Please remind me often Lord
That the way I'm called to serve,
Is an honor given me
And not below what I deserve.
Cleaning House Frigsmiley
You know Lord,
as I look At all the work we need to do,
I think we'd better house clean
At least each day or two.
Cleaning House Grouphug

Be Blessed!!!
Cleaning House Angelic
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Cleaning House
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