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 Great Books

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PostSubject: Great Books   Great Books Icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2008 2:02 pm

So I wouldn't say I'm the heavy reader that some of you may be, but I ocassionaly have a few days off & dig through the Christian Bookstores for the latest, greatest. This time around picked up the suspense thriller "house of dark shadows" by Robert Liparulo. It's apparently the first book in a series called "Dreamhouse Kings". I loved it! So much so that I went back to my local christian book store & bought part two.

Christianbook.com summed it up pretty well:
"When the Kings move to a new home in a new town, the house seems odd at first; but things get really strange when they realize that some rooms are portals to other worlds.
The Kings face terrifying dangers within the rooms of their home, but it still seems like an adventure until people start coming out of the rooms and into the house. When one of the intruders kidnaps their mother, they must find a way to rescue her-but who would believe such a fantastical story?
The King Family begins their search, quickly realizing that they must learn more about the worlds in order to find their mother. But they also must pretend that all is well at home. When a stranger appears and tries to force them to sell the house, their desperation reaches new heights.

My hope is that some of you have read it as I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on the whole series & where it is heading!
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Great Books
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