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 Entertaining Angels

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PostSubject: Entertaining Angels   Entertaining Angels Icon_minitimeFri Jul 27, 2007 10:55 am

Entertaining Angels

Could it be without knowing

Even without a hint or clue

You could be entertaining angels

Or maybe they’re entertaining you

Was it the man who made you laugh out loud

As he smiled and held the door

Was it the lady who sat by you on the bus

Who you had never met before

Was it the child who said you’re pretty

Or the baby with milk on his little face

Maybe the stranger at the grocery store

Who said she would hold your place

Was it the person who sent the email by mistake

Because of a letter in the wrong place

Who now is one of your dearest friends

Although you’ve never seen their face

The next time you meet a stranger

Make sure you notice certain things

Search hard for their halo

Or maybe try to spot their wings

Always be in your best behavior

Remember no matter what you do

You may be entertaining angels

Or maybe they’re entertaining you

Andrea Jones Blackmon
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Entertaining Angels
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