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Aforum for Christians who want to meet other Christians. A place to share the word of God with each other. Also talk about family parenting, marriage Life, Encouragement, Cooking and much much more. So come come relax and Fellowship.
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Praising (Admin)

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PostSubject: Forum Guidelines   Forum Guidelines Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2007 8:40 pm

Here are the guidelines for God Is In Contol Forum:

NO FLAMING. Please respect the members posting on this board. While it's okay to disagree with another member's opinion, "flaming" (personal attacks and insults) will not be tolerated (this includes calling or implying that another member is not a "true" Christian). Please treat others the way the Lord would want you to treat them, with kindness, compassion, understanding and respect.

NO OBSCENE OR BLASPHEMOUS POSTING. No pornography, vulgar language, blasphemous or satanic information is allowed on this board.

NO TROLLING. Any member who signs up on the board to "troll" (cause trouble) or "snoop" will have their account cancelled (and IP banned) from the board at the Administrator's discretion.

NO PROMOTION OF OTHER RELIGIONS. Please do not "promote" other religions (including atheism) on this board, as this site was created for Christian fellowship and support.

NO SPAMMING. Please do not post (or private message) any messages on this site that are intended for the promotion or advertising of another website and/or business, unless another member has specifically asked for that information.

NO PUBLIC FIGHTING. TRY TO WORK OUT INTERPERSONAL PROBLEMS WITH OTHER MEMBERS PRIVATELY AND LOVINGLY. If another member has "wronged you" or offended you on the board, please follow Christ's teachings in Matthew 18:15 and go directly to that member and express your concern in a loving manner. If you simply can't work out your differences, then you can report the matter to the Lead Moderator.

Any posts containing information contrary to these guidelines may be deleted, edited, moved or closed at the discretion of the management

Thank You,
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Forum Guidelines
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